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Legal notices

1. Acceptance and possible variation of the general conditions

The term Owner of the service uniquely indicates Zeta Catene srl with registered and administrative headquarters in loc. Rigutino, 272 - 52100 Arezzo (AR).


Following the use of the SITE, the following conditions are understood to have been read and fully accepted. The Owner exempts himself from any liability arising from a use of the SITE by the User that does not comply with these Conditions. By accepting the Conditions, you declare that you have reached the age of eighteen and that you are legally capable of entering into this contract and of using the SITE in full compliance with all the Conditions indicated herein.
Zeta Catene may change the conditions of use at any time, according to the provisions of the same Conditions. It is suggested to periodically check these conditions to check for any changes. You are not authorized to use the SITE if the user does not accept the conditions of use. These Conditions govern the use of the SITE by the User, the contents (such as for example text, data, information, software, images or photos) that the Owner makes available through Zeta Catene, as well as the services provided by Zeta Catene through the SITE.

2. General provisions

Zeta Catene, unlike the User, has the right to assign, transfer, subcontract or delegate rights, commitments and obligations deriving from these Terms of Use.
The SITE is not updated periodically and regularly, and therefore must not be registered as an editorial product according to the relative law.
The User declares that neither the contract between the User and Zeta Catene, nor the use by the User of the SITE, implement any joint venture, partnership, subordinate employment relationship, agency relationship or representation between User and Zeta Catene as a result of these Terms.
In the event that any of these Conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable on the basis of the laws in force including, by way of example, the warranty exclusions and limitations of liability that precede, the resulting invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by a provision valid and applicable that reflects as much as possible the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the contract will remain in full force and effects.

3. Service cost and payments

The services of the SITE are free unless otherwise and analytically specified.
Zeta Catene reserves the right to provide a fee for access to portions of the SITE or to specific services or to the entire SITE. In any case, Zeta Catene will not ask the payment of any consideration if it has not previously obtained an express adhesion to this offer. Therefore, if the SITE were to request a fee in the future for access to portions of the SITE or services that are currently free of charge, the User will receive a specific communication in advance with a detailed indication of these costs, giving the User the opportunity to choose whether to join the service. In case of acceptance, the User will pay this fee in the forms that he chooses at the cost that will be defined at the time of acceptance of the service itself.
Zeta Catene may contain links and / or banners to third party sites, managed exclusively by independent providers or even by resellers. The inclusion of the aforementioned links on the SITE does not imply the approval or endorsement by Zeta Catene of the related sites and their contents, nor does it imply any form of guarantee by the latter. Since the services offered through these sites, and their content, could be paid, it is the responsibility of the User to carry out the appropriate checks before proceeding with any transaction, and this in order to determine whether to use these services will be charged or minus a fare. In the event that the Owner provides details on the SITE on the prices of the services offered by third party sites, they are indicated for information purposes only. Zeta Catene therefore assumes no responsibility for the truthfulness and / or legality and / or correctness of such information, nor is it associated in any way with such third part sites.

4. Access - registration - privacy

Text For access to some areas of Zeta Catene, the User may be required to register to open an account on the SITE, or he may be asked to provide information in order to have access to certain content.The decision to provide this information is voluntary and optional and, in any case, if the User decides not to provide any information, the User may not be allowed to access certain areas of Zeta Catene.
The User undertakes to provide only truthful, updated and complete information (as well as to update this information for the entire period in which he will use his account on the SITE so that they are always truthful, updated and complete).
The User must keep the user-id and password relating to his account with due care and diligence, and in case of removal and loss he has the obligation to communicate it promptly by requesting its deactivation.
In the absence of such communication, all manifestations of will, acts and facts producing legal effects made through the User's account will undoubtedly be attributed to them.
Zeta Catene is not liable in any way for the illegitimate consultation of personal data contained in the reserved area by unauthorized third parties who have become aware of the User's authentication credentials due to negligence of the latter.
The practice governing the processing of the User's personal information is described in the electronic privacy policy of this SITE.

5. Unauthorized access and use of the SITE

Users of Zeta Catene are authorized to consult only the documents indicated in the menus. Any unauthorized attempt to overcome or ignore the site's protections, use the site's operating systems or connections to it for uses other than those for which it was created or to prevent its use by authorized users is prohibited; the prohibition also applies to accessing, obtaining, destroying, modifying, damaging the information contained in Zeta Catene or interfering with its operating systems. All such behavior and actions will be brought to the attention of the authorities immediately and prosecuted in all competent civil and criminal courts, in accordance with applicable international laws and conventions.
The User is required to use the WEBSITE and the services offered for it in timely and constant respect for the law, public order and morality and as established in these Terms of Use.
The Owner exempts himself from any liability arising from a use of the SITE by the User that does not comply with these Conditions. By accepting the Conditions, you declare that you have reached the age of eighteen and that you are legally capable of entering into this contract and of using the SITE in full compliance with all the Conditions indicated herein.

6. Copyright, registered trademarks and property rights

Zeta Catene as a whole, and all the material contained therein, is protected by international copyright laws, as well as by those in force in Italy and by other intellectual property rights. It is therefore possible to view, print and copy the contents of the SITE (including, by way of example, texts, images, animations, videos, logos and drawings) only for personal purposes of a non-commercial nature.
Except as provided in the Conditions, it is not allowed to use, modify, print, publicly display, publicly reproduce, distribute or publish the materials and information contained on the SITE without the written consent of the Owner. If the User makes copies of the Materials in whole or in part, he is obliged to keep on each of these copies all the notifications of copyright and / or other intellectual and industrial property rights contained in the original materials.
Any unauthorized use of the SITE or extracts from it, except as provided in these Conditions, may constitute a violation of copyright, intellectual and industrial property rights and / or other rules.
Authorization must be requested directly from:

Zeta Catene srl
loc. Rigutino, 272 - 52100 Arezzo (AR)

Zeta Catene may contain material protected by third party intellectual property rights. In such cases, the permitted uses must be verified with the owners or licensees of the related rights as identified from time to time on the SITE.
Additional rules and conditions may be prepared by the Data Controller to regulate individual services offered on the SITE: the User must comply with them to take advantage of the related goods and services.

The trademarks and logos appearing in Zeta Catene are registered or unregistered trademarks belonging to the SITE or to third parties and cannot be used for advertising purposes without the prior written consent of the trademark owner.
Any unauthorized use of these trademarks or patents, technologies, products, processes and / or other property rights is expressly prohibited and will constitute a violation of copyright, trademark legislation or other industrial rights.

7. Links to other websites (links)

Zeta Catene contains links to other resources on the internet. The Owner is not responsible for the effective accessibility and availability of these external resources to the SITE, nor for the related contents. The inclusion of the aforementioned links on Zeta Catene does not imply the approval, sponsorship or endorsement by Zeta Catene of the related sites and their contents, nor does it imply any form of guarantee from part of the SITE. In the event that the Owner provides details on the prices of the services offered by third party sites, they are indicated for information purposes only. Therefore, the User is invited to contact the administrator or webmaster of these external sites if he experiences problems with these contents, or in any case before initiating a transaction with these subjects.
The Owner, in consideration of the fact that some pages of the SITE are allocated on other people's Web spaces and managed by them, assumes no responsibility for any possible interruption and / or suspension of the service provided and / or other limitation on the usability of the service itself in any its part, due to its own technical problems and / or to third parties generated by factors or circumstances beyond its control. In case of problems in the functioning of parts of the SITE, the User can report them to the address

8. Reporting and removing illegal content

Zeta Catene is a SITE that self-protects itself, that is, relies on Users to maintain the adequacy of the information, material and content published on the SITE. In this sense, reporting an abuse of Zeta Catene is considered an important contribution. The subjects who believe that the content of the SITE, including the messages published by the Users, damage their copyright will be able to send a report, through the reporting and removal procedure.
This tool will guide you in reporting content that you believe should be removed from Zeta Catene services under applicable law. By filling in the form Contacts it can be ensured that the WEBSITE has all the information necessary to carry out investigations regarding the specific request and resolve the issue in the most short time possible.
Zeta Catene will monitor any reports of abuse. If a User is suspected of misusing the system, intentionally overcrowding it with reports of abuse or reporting false reports of abuse, the Owner will take care of the appropriate actions.

9. Changes to the service

Zeta Catene may without any notice, discretionarily cancel or temporarily suspend access to all or part of the SITE and services, of any content, database or article for any reason, for technical reasons or for reasons of security, to prevent unauthorized access to the SITE, loss or destruction of data, including, without limitation, any violation of the rules described in these conditions of access to the service, or simply when the Owner deems it appropriate to cease a service.
The User acknowledges that Zeta Catene cannot in any way be held liable to the User himself or to third parties for the modification, suspension or disconnection of the service, whatever the cause of the modification or suspension or disconnection.

10. Marketing

The Owner reserves the right to follow up on future business and advertising initiatives, also by a fee, through the use of any third party logo and / or brand on the SITE, including advertising banners and any other advertising insertion for promotion and marketing, direct and / or indirect, of any good, product and service.

11. Territorial validity, applicable law and jurisdiction

The Owner manages the SITE in Italy. These General Conditions and relations between Zeta Catene and the User are governed by the laws in force in the territory of the Italian Republic. The information contained within the SITE may not be appropriate or available for use in other territories and access to Zeta Catene These Terms will be interpreted and executed on the basis of the laws in force in Italy. The User hereby agrees and subjects to the exclusive jurisdiction and territorial jurisdiction of the Italian courts for any cause relating to or consequent to these Terms or to Zeta Catene.

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